Top 5 Disney Movies of All Time

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Top 5 Disney Movies of All the Time and their Movie Trailers

Hello there! Is it a big fun Sunday movie day, but you do not know the most appropriate Disney movie you can watch? Or, you are lucky enough to spend some time with your children, and you really would like to watch something educative and interesting? Well, we are about to count down the best five Disney movies of all time. We’ve ranked the movies basing on the significance and cultural impact they made in our lives, how memorable they were, and their popularity throughout the times.

Can you remember the lessons learned, the themes, the songs and characters of these old time Disney movies? If no, just continue reading this post to find out more about top 5 Disney movies of all time.

5. The Little Mermaid

Better known as the “Little Mermaid – Under the Sea”, this movie refers to a Disney kind of film that mainly features a mermaid princess and a sea witch. In the movie, the mermaid princess optimistically makes an agreement with an unscrupulous sea-witch to help her meet a human prince on the land in search of love.

Featuring the most delightful characters like Sebastian and Flounder, the movie is more of, or even better than “Prince Eric”, a movie in which the two characters help Ariel to find her true love. What makes The Little Mermaid a classic Disney cinema is the fact that it is based on a Danish fairly tale.

4. Cinderella

This movie mainly features a character by the name Cinderella. The most memorable instance of the film is when Cinderella’s brutal stepmother averts her from going to the Royal Ball. Cinderella fortunately gets unexpected help from the lovable mice Jaq and Gus, and from her pixie grandmother.

The tale is a truthfully timeless typical tale featuring evil jealous stepsisters & stepmother, and romantic friends. Cinderella is more about an underdog artiste finding true fairly tale love and beating the odds and she is less about the cutesy character.

3. Beauty and the Beast

At first, the beast imprisons Belle’s father. As a result, Belle offers herself for the release of the father, but later finds out that her captor is an enchanted prince. This Disney film keeps getting better and deeper! In the tale, there lies a lesson for self discovery and self development.

The play actually features the story of love between the beast and Belle. Through the story you get to learn a lot from the beast, who has mysterious secrets. Generally, the play has more complex themes, which make it deeper and meatier than the preceding two films in this count down. Beauty and the Beast is actually time-tested, more realistic, classic and bigger.

2. Aladdin

In this tale, a street scamp fights for the love of a beautiful princess using a Genie’s magic power, which makes him a prince so that she can marry the beautiful princess. This movie is actually remembered by many for its magical show-steeling character: Genie. This character’s humor makes this tale to rise above most Disney movies whenever ranked. Above all, the central love between Jasmine and Aladdin, an evil Villain, and the chemistry between the characters, makes the film a classic movie.

1. The Lion King

With great support from his family, lion cub, who is expected to be the future king Simba tests his capabilities, but often finds it difficult to attain his goals. This movie features a more customarily adrenaline based story, which makes it the best of all times Disney movies.

The Lion King tale merges a more standard revenge story of an immature king- to – be champ, his journey through adversity and treachery to learn a wonderful slogan “Hakuna Matata”, which means there’s no worry. This helps him remember what he truly is and additionally helps him enact revenge on his evil uncle.


Although there are more interesting Disney movies we can talk about, we find the quality and performance of these five films highlighted in this article unsurpassed. According to our reliable countdown they are actually the top 5 Disney movies of all time. They are best designed to educate, challenge and motivate children about life issues, so you should definitely consider including them in you must – watch list next time you get some time to spend with your children.